We provide comprehensive support in the area of pinch analysis and in the use of the PinCH software. An important task in this regard is the education and training of qualified engineers and specialists. Our training course "Energie-Optimierung mit Pinch-Analyse" consists of three modules which can be completed in their entirety one after another or individually. In addition to this course, the PinCH team also offers individual coaching and customized company training courses.

Energie-Optimierung mit Pinch-Analyse

Learning Goals: The participants understand the principles and application of the pinch analysis method and are able to systematically analyze and optimize industrial processes and infrastructure systems using the PinCH 3.0 software.  

Modul 1:

Fundamentals- 21./22. September 2017

  • Fundamentals of the Pinch Method: Refresher Energy and Process Engineering, Process Representation in the Composite Curves, Investment and Operating Costs, Energy and Cost Targets, Design of Heat Exchanger Networks (HEN).
  • Definition of Process Requirements: Energy modelling, Principles of Daten Extraction, Application of Energy Modules (E-Module), Applications of Pinch Analysis in the Praxis, Presentation from Industry. 

Modul 2:

Application and Indepth Review- 12./13. Oktober 2017

  • Optimization of Utility Systems: Grand Composite Curve, Problem Table Cascade, Optimal Design of Heating and Cooling Systems, Integration of Heat Pumps, CHP, etc.
  • Pinch-Analyse for Multiple Operating Cases: Heat Recovery Potential between Processes, Energy and Cost Targets for Processes with Multiple Operating Cases, Design of Heat Exchanger Networks based on Different Design Types. 

Modul 3:

Advanced Topics - 16./17. November 2017

  • Pinch Analysis of Batch Processes: Energy Modelling of Batch Processes, Introduction to Different Calculation Models: Time Slice Model, Time Average Model, etc., Optimization using Direct HR.
  • Integration of Thermal Energy Storages: Fundamentals of Thermal Energy Storages, Indirect HR  based on the ISSP (Indirect Source and Sink Profiles), Design of Heat Exchanger and Storage Network (HESN). 

 Location: Seminarhotel near Olten trainstation

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Note: The courses are in German.

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