Tutorial 0 - Quick Overview
    • In tutorial 0 the key aspects of the software user interface are illustrated followed by an explanation of the 10 Steps necessary for completing a pinch analysis successfully.
    Tutorial 1 - Continuous Production Plant
  • This tutorial involves the analysis and optimization of a production process in the chemical industry that is operated continuously.
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    Tutorial 2 - Production Plant with Multiple Operating Cases
  • Continous processes often exhibit multiple operating cases (MOC). This tutorial presents the analysis and optimization of a production plant with MOCs.
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    Tutorial 3 - Discontinuous Production Plant
  • In this tutorial a discontinuous process is presented to illustrate the analysis and optimization for direct heat recovery.
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    Tutorial 4 - Integration of Thermal Energy Storage
  • In tutorial 4 indirect heat recovery based on thermal energy storage integration within a batch process using the PinCH software is presented.
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